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"Pay It Forward" Packs was started to help victims of natural disasters. After they had collected tons of personal hygiene products they were told they could not deliver anymore. Mike wanted to know if the homeless Veterans could get what they had. It took a few weeks but they found an area where some Veterans were living. They took 50 pails to hand out that day.


"We were there for almost 8 hours talking with these guys. Hearing their stories and understanding why they are homeless. All had different stories but basically the same. Mike went back every other day for months to sit and talk with them. The group kept getting smaller but they never went to far away. They just need time to process. They would come back at different times. Mike purchased cell phones for whom ever wanted them. (Out of his own money) he would always take cards with minutes in case they needed it. It took a lot of time and research but he did find the family of two of these Vets. And yes they reconnected. He was so overcome with pride that he broke down and cried. He always said if you can help one stranger in your life you have succeeded."

These two families still call to check on Tracy every few days.

Mike never wanted anyone to know what he did for these Veterans. We believe everyone should know how PIFP got started. Our goal is to help every homeless Veteran that will allow us too. With YOUR help we will succeed.

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